>My Little Tablet from Amazon

A few months ago I bought an Fire HD-8 Amazon Tablet. I chose the 8″ as a compromise between the 7″ and the 10″. The 7″ is a little too small for me to read on comfortably and the 10″ is a bit large to hold in one had. That was purely my opinion, if you are interested in one – I suggest you take a look at the sizes.

I got a special at the time for $49.95 – the current price is $59.99 on Amazon for the version with “special offers”. When the tablet is first turned on, it will display an ad. No big deal, in my opinion and you save about $45.

Amazon has a passable web browser and app store, but I really prefer the Google world. I found instructions on loading the Google Play Store onto the Fire and followed them. I then had the best of both worlds. The first set of instructions didn’t quite work, but the second set had an extra step that made it work. With a little bit of checking around, this can work.

What like a lot is that it is small enough to easily carry around and hold in one hand. I can use this little tablet to check and send email, browse the web and there are some nice games that I like. I use in place of my laptop for just about many things, but not bidding in an auction or eBay. Its not fast enough for that and I want to have the keyboard available. I don’t think this would be quite enough for the only computer, but is a fun addition.